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QuickPhos the verstile fumigant

The Phosphine fumigation method has been acknowledged world over as the most effective in controlling the pest menace and saving thousands of tones of grain for human consumption. QuickPhos with its principal ingredient Aluminium Phosphide is a solid, highly potent fumigant in tablet, pellet , bag & granular form

It is versatile : Can be used practically on all food -grains, milled products, as well as processed food and other agricultural products like tobacco, oilseeds, dry fruits etc. without any harmful effects

Ensures a complete kill : It is effective against all grain insects, at all stages of development from eggs to adults

Even distribution : Phosphine generated from QuickPhos spreads evenly in all directions within the enclosed area

High safety factor : QuickPhos when used according to instructions, is non-flammable, non - explosive. On coming with air, liberates a pungent smelling gas - Ammonia - as a warning.

No toxic residue : QuickPhos does not affect the properties or flavour of commodity fumigated, nor does it leave toxic residue after fumigation & aeration

Requires no complicated and costly apparatus : QuickPhos tablet , pellets & bags can be handled manually or by an automatic dispenser, straight from the container. Use of suitable safety wear is recommended.

Easy to store and transport : Being solid, compact and dry, QuickPhos tablets, pellets & bags can be packed, transported and stored more easily and safely. Follow local regulations for transport.

Stability and Storage : QuickPhos tablets , pellets and bags remain intact as long as they are kept in their original packing.